Sunday, February 20, 2011

My menswear Missoni sweater and ASH high tops seemed to work for the hipsters at TJ's

Hat and coat and I was out the door..

So.. who knew the hardest part of food shopping would be finding parking and maneuvering through the aisles without taking out an old woman or toddler? Anyways... two market trips later I could start in..... 
So I put on a mix of Zooey Deschanel and Astrud Gilberto, lit some candles, cleaned the kitchen and made up my floral arrangement! I absolutely love setting the mood when I cook... there's nothing worse than cooking in a stressful chaotic environment (I think thats my interior design inner child showing through). So far the soup is done and now I just wait till my honey comes home so I can start in on the Brown Butter Cod! I SWEAR IM NOT REALLY THIS DOMESTIC AND OLD FASHIONED!!!

Floral makes me so happy... I imagined myself cooking in my pretty apron and listening to nice music so I really wanted a feminine color pallet. I think they are Ranunculus and the taller ones look like Snap Dragons.. so pretty.

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