Monday, February 28, 2011

A closet filled with Couture and Crap..

Today needed some color.. Can it be Spring already? I need a vacation.

So my colleague and I had the same discussion today that we always have about how we hardly ever "mid-range" shop.. I know that sounds bitchy but it's true!  Our clothes are either in the $300 range or like 
10 bucks!
So we figured out why and this is what we came up with: We're surrounded my million dollar goods all day long, which warps our puny little 20-something year old minds into thinking that we actually NEED this stuff.. BECAUSE WE DO! That is not up for discussion... just let us be.  Anyways.. now, when these things go on sale or what have you, we think "OH MY GOD I can actually kind of, sort of, if I don't eat for a week, afford this!!" and BOOM! $200-$300 gone. oops. But when it comes to shopping outside of our doors... "Oh my god! $60 for a SHIRT!?? Heavens to Betsy NO!"... Then off we go to F21 and Target and we are in heaven because everything is so cute and so god damn cheap! And that my friends, is how you end up with a wardrobe of Couture and Crap...

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  1. i love you and this is amazing. i need more unaffordable "couture" and less "crap"!


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