Saturday, February 26, 2011

Contacts are in.. the light is on... baby steps.

About to suit up for the 20 degree weather here in Southie.  Grabbing coffee and cookies with one of my bests.  We have been frequenting American Provisions on Broadway and I Street (they are seriously the nicest people there).. the whole set up makes you feel like you're back in the burbs at some quaint little farmers market boutique. They have the most amazing all natural and organic food.. fresh olive oil.. cheeses.. fresh meats.. really delicious coffee.. just sadly no seating.  Maybe I'll ask the owner about that.  I would love to sit in their window with my large Costa Rican coffee and my crescent! Anyways.  I think we're are going to take a nice long walk to Sidewalk Cafe.. best ice coffee and sandwiches ever! I hope my face doesn't freeze off!

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