Thursday, February 24, 2011

The skirt cost $20... and the necklace.. didn't.

So... I just can't wait for summer! It's going to be filled with maxi dresses and long skirts and statement necklaces and and bangles and... and.. and outdoor dining and drinking! sigh. I can't wait any longer.

So I love this skirt. This whole outfit screams perfection! like this: PERFECTIOOOON!
I love brown and black together.. they are both neutrals which allows me to throw on my favorite accent color.. red! 

Now the necklace... is a very special piece. I just got it for Valentine's Day from the MD.  It's vintage from the turn of the century... and it's red... and it's mine. 

All this outfit is missing isssss the Eric Javits wide brimmed black straw fedora... double sigh.
I would wear this for day drinks on Newbury... and then we would go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and then out to dinner where we would eat and drink sangria outside.. with twinkle lights everywhere. Triple sigh.  See what I mean when I say I make up scenarios with each piece of clothing! That's why I can't stop expanding my wardrobe. Each article of clothing I encounter has a dreamlike scenario attached to it just waiting to come to life! Ok, I think I need to calm down and go to bed.

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