Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another amazing day at the office!

One of many great looks of the night.

Where do I begin.  Well first off.. it feels like 11pm... and it's only 8:30.  Another long day, but I am not complaining.  Today..... was nothing short of amazing.  Everything went so smoothly and everyone in Boston was so great to work with.  Today also confirmed what makes me tick.  It's totally the feeling right after a successful fashion show.  I get it. I've only done small events, and today I wasn't even styling, but the feeling of accomplishment after the final look is sent out onto the floor is the greatest feeling.  Maybe it's just me.  

The models tonight? Friggin hilarious!  Such a great group of guys.  I love working with men in general.  My personality just meshes well with them.  That is a huge reason why I love mens fashion so much.  Not only is being a mens stylist the sexiest job ever (there's really nothing sexier than making a man look great... the simplicity of the perfect menswear look... it's not fussy like women's fashion), but working with men is so easy.... when they're logical of course.  Women are too...... opinionated in a negative way.  Not all, but most.  Again, maybe it's just me. 

The man of the night.

I learned so much from Nick and I am so appreciative.  I really had the perfect experience.  His attitude towards his career, and just towards people in general, gives me hope for myself within this industry.  I don't know if that makes any sense, but he just proves all of the negative stereotypes of the snobby high maintenance fashion big-wig so wrong.  You can actually be nice (and be a Cancer by the way... even with our "fear and doubt" in our peripherals) and still make it in this field. So Nick, if you're reading this... thanks.  I hope that wasn't the last time our paths cross. 

I am such a lame sauce.. I totally slipped him one of my cards tonight... with the blog written in sharpie on the back of it.  Whatever.  You only live once.... and I clearly have no shame.  

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