Friday, March 4, 2011

Cop cars, cold weather and emo music... I'm in Syracuse!

One Grande Red Eye and 4.5 hours on road and I'm here at my old stomping grounds! My voice is a little horse from screaming Brand New and The Killers in the car.. Ya know, to get in the mood. I'll be here till Sunday when we celebrate the anniversary of my house over brunch.. It feels good to be back. Sipping a Blue Moon before we make a fashionably late entrance at Chucks for... Happy hour? Sure. I've already spotted a small group of girls slurring their words at the bar tender.. Each girl resembling my friends and I a few years ago. Singing obnoxiously.. Laughing at inside jokes that no one else gets... Probably wondering why they don't have boyfriends. Again.. Its good to be back. This should be interesting!

If you want to see some pictures from last night's event go to!!

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