Saturday, March 5, 2011

Back to the future.

So a lot has changed here. Bleu Monkey is huge! Marshall Street is torn up and J. Michaels is in the Marshall Square Mall. Oh well! Just left the house which has had a face lift. It's beautiful and so are the girls! We sat chatted for a few hours, I hugged my Little Little Little Little and went on some adventures through the old mansion! We were so proud of what the girls had done and it's so good to know that DG is filled with PC 04 dopplegangers! So excited for Founder's Day tomorrow! 110 years on campus... Rho.. We rock!

Now off to Alto Cinco for some food and sangria!... Then maybe some minderasers? See ya tomorrow!

PS The Mission sucks and so do their employees. Their host who had a lisp and acne took down our name as "Taryn 3 bitches". Just because you're a virgin who can't drive doesn't make us female dogs.

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