Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Evening of Spring Style

Tonight a friend and I attended An Evening of Spring Style hosted by Elie Tahari.  We showed up a little early and the shop was already packed.  The guests were decked out in their most fashionable pieces.. everyone, including myself, was throwing back drinks and having a grand old time.  The wine and hors d'oeuvres were excellent!  Bren and I had the server bee-lining it to us by the end of the night.

Christopher Muther from the Boston Globe gave a short but very sweet fashion presentation on Elie's take on Spring Trend 2011.  The models looked great in their boho/ 70's inspired looks.  He also showcased  some key colors and silhouettes of this rejuvenating season we refer to as Spring (will it please stop snowing so I can actually wear a dress with out opaque tights??? Thanks).  The audience really enjoyed Chirstopher and the whole experience!

For those of you are not familiar with Elie Tahari.. first and foremost... he is a man.  I think that is my biggest pet peeve, when someone talks about the line and refers to Elie as a she.  It forces me to have to awkwardly and ever so politely correct them.  Then I feel bad, but I can't let it sliiide.. it's a whole "situation".  Now that that is taken care of, onto the good stuff!  Elie is known for his outstanding cuts and silhouettes!  His designs always embody a sophisticated, woman-who-knows-how-to-put-an-outfit-together, tasteful, couture inspired look, with an insane attention to detail.  If you don't own a piece.... you should.

Tonight I decided to wear my Elizabeth & James silk skirt with leather weave detailing, along with my Helmut Lang denim button down and YSL snake skin stilettos.  My trade mark piece of red was my vintage turn of the century necklace!  I looked pretty bitchen if you ask me. Enjoy the pics!

Brenna Murphy

Assistant Manager Kourtney Edwards with Store Manager Haytham Hamze

Sales Specialist Sarah Aberizk

How cute is this guy?? I love a man who can fully pull off a bow tie with flying colors!  But my favorite part about him is the space between his teeth... sigh.. gets me every time!

 Favorite ensemble of the night.

She looked absolutely flawless.

Assistant Manager Kourtney Edwards with yours truly.
Boston Globe's Christopher Muther and Elie Tarahi Marketing Manager Sara Droz

To view more photos from the event, visit Elie Tahari on Facebook!


  1. you need an outfit shot with shoes! Thx for posting so many pictures todayyy!

  2. I know! It's weird that I didn't take one! Oh well.


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