Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally... I own it.

I think my colleagues had a reverse intervention with me today.  Instead of sitting me down and telling me that I have a shopping problem, they dragged my broke behind into Nordstrom to buy the Eric Javits wide brimmed fedora that I've been trying on and obsessing over for months.  Yes.. it is true.. there was something that I was obsessing over that I let sit on a shelf, open to the world to purchase, for months... MONTHS.. before I actually saved the money to buy it... responsibly.  Usually I see something.. and even if I don't have the funding, I manage to finesse my finances so I can experience the feeling of instant gratification.  And this is why I'm broke.. and moving home looks better everyday for my bank account.

Anyways.. enough with the depressing stuff and back to the fedora!  It's so beautiful.  It's black with olivey/brown and cream detailing and looks perfect with my dirty hippie hair!  It's going to look perfect with my long skirts and maxi dresses this summer!  It kind of embodies a drifter hat too and I love it!  So Coleen and Lesa.. Thank you. Thank you for enabling my habit. 

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