Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Lucky you!! You guys get two posts today!!

Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter of Jewelmint

Ok I needed to share this with everyone!  I just tooootally got sucked into Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter's Jewelry line Jewelmint.  This site is out of control.  They give you a full style assessment that pin points your style and then they recommend specific pieces that correspond with your personal style.  If I had a jewelry line.. that is exactly how I would run my site.  Today they are running an amazing discount!! I got two amazingly awesome pieces (shown below) for a total price of $45!  With FREE shipping!  Both pieces are usually $100 each and because I am a subscriber to the Zoe Report I received 50% off one of the items (that was already discounted)! How cool! .... Ok ya I get it... This is why I am poor, but you've got to admit.  That is a pretty sick deal. $200 value for $45. Check it out!
(Can you tell how excited I am through the number of exclamation points I used?)
Click on Jewelmint (the post title) to get started!

Bermuda Earrings

Lunar Blue Necklace
(because I'm a moon maiden rock goddess)


  1. gahhhh! i like this and i'm a subscriber to zoe report. t-bone, you should add the link to their site with your post so i don't have to search it. i'm lazy ;)

  2. I did. Just click jewelmint at the top (theblog post title) and it will bring you to the site! Is it not working?


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