Friday, March 18, 2011

To Grandmother's house we go!

The MD.. for the first time ever.. agreed to go for a walk with me!  It was so beautiful out today so I put on my tye-dyed SU sweatshirt with my chucks and we hit the streets! The moon was absolutely amazing! It was so full and you could fully see the moon maiden (many people think that it's the man on the moon but in actuality there is a perfectly pretty lady on that moon of ours!).  We walked from H to Marine to visit my Grandma.  You could tell she was so happy to have company.  I love her. She's a riot... and I love making her smile.  I really should visit her more since I live down the street from her. She's an amazing woman.  Then we left for moonlit walk home... holding hands... like lovers do.. because we're losers.  Teehehe.

Now the roomies and I are sipping wine and belting Adele's Rolling in the Deep!... and lil k discovered this gem... this one is for you Jessica Dobis:

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