Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to my closet Elizabeth & James Honey Ruched Leather Wedges!

Elizabeth & James Honey Ruched Leather Wedges
I am going to wear the shit out of these bad boys.. they give an edge to any outfit and they're seasonless, and super comfortable.  They will live in harmony with my Elizabeth & James long silk skirt with leather detailing.  Sigh.. I'm excited for summer.  My wardrobe is almost complete.  I say almost because I know it's not done expanding just yet! If you thought it was then you're just a silly rabbit!

Work outfit.

Playing dress up before dinn dinn.

The MD took me out of the apartment tonight! Wooo!  Crazy I know! We went to Charlie's on Newbury... I had to take my new shoesies out on the town!  We couldn't just keep them locked up in their box their first night in my possession.  Jeez.  

We did things a little backwards tonight.  I housed a full rack of ribs while the tradesman ate a dainty salad.  I love living ironically.  I paced myself and only had one pink sangria.. instead of my normal three.. which allowed me to save room for cheesecake! So exciting. 

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