Friday, April 22, 2011

I Am An Official Featherhead!!

 Feathers, feathers everywhere!!
Thanks to Pattee my boho hippie child is now free and flowing from my lovely locks!

My first color combo!

Step 1
(stringing my hair through a bead)

(insert the ends of the feathers and crimp the bead)

Step 3

My mens Adam sweater layered over my Elizabeth & James Penelope Silk Dress.
One day at work I was wearing my E&J dress and a man came into my department to return a sweater that his girl friend got him.. I waited till he left and tried it on over my dress and BAM. Herpes. (Family Guy quote anyone?) No no.. that didn't happen.. but seriously. I fell in love it! So! I decided to dig that look out from my archive of memories from being in sales and here it is once again!

And don't you dare forget about my sock bracelet (as we like to call it around our shop).. It's actually a change purse necklace from Forever 21 that I made an anklet! I will be writing a post about this later.

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