Friday, April 22, 2011

My Egg Is Going To Crush Your Egg

Red Eggs for an Orthodox Easter

As some of you may know I am Mediterranean as a whooo-haaa (Greek and Albanian) so therefore I am Orthodox!  Growing up my bro-ski and I got to celebrate Easter twice (so we didn't feel left out of the "normy" Easter).  This meant twice the number of baskets, candy and Easter toys... and yes.  Twice a year my brother got to try and own me in our Easter Egg hunt around the house.. and yes. Twice he would get yelled at by my mother tell him to "Let yah sistah win! C'moon Mahc"!
Oh how fun.

But! It was only once a year that we got to join in the festivities of each getting our own red egg (red symbolizing the blood of Christ) and having egg wars (appropriate)! Each cousin and I would get a red egg and we would go around and pair up two by two and with one swift tap we would try and crack each other's egg.  Inevitably some asshole would have the one red wooden egg and spoil all of the fun... and one year it was me.  I felt so guilty about it and told everyone half way through the tournament.

So this year.. for the first time ever! I am going to attempt to dye my very own authentic red eggs! And do it as the Greeks once did!  With onion skins and vinegar (everyone, incluuuding my Grandmothers, used a store bought dye).  I already called my Grandmother to tell her the news and she quickly popped my bubble and told me "Eh uh! That nevah works! And I already made two dozen"! So there ya go.
I decided to go through with the idea anyways.

ingredients: 15 (Spanish) yellow onions, 2 tbsp of vinegar, 5 cups of water and a dozen eggs

To make the dye you peal the skin off the onions and put it into the pot of boiling water and vinegar.

Naked onions! Naked onions!

Boiling onions, vinegar and water.

Make sure to clean the eggs!  You want the dye to take evenly!

As you can seeeee, the dye is starting to show.

After 30 min of simmering you strain the onions...

... and your dye is ready to go!

Put your unboiled, clean, white eggs in an empty pot...

... and pour in the dye.

Slowly bring pot to a boil at medium heat.

.. and after 15-20 min they deepen into a terracotta color!

Lay the newly dressed babes out on a towel to dry.

 Then you polish the pups with olive oil!!


You are the MOST beautiful eggs I've ever seen! Yes you aaaare!!!

Seriously though... I was really skeptical of this recipe.. but clearly it works!

So I had a pretty successful day... I got a pedi, ate candy and dyed eggs!

 My Papou use to give these to us all the time :)
Warms my heart.

And! Look at mah toesies!! I call it "Easter Grass Green".  Get into it.


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