Friday, April 29, 2011

Ladies and Gents, I bring you Sock Bracelet.

Meet, Sock Bracelet.

I know.  "Sock Bracelet" doesn't really make sense (especially when you're not wearing socks).. I just like referring to it as such. So deal with it. 

Again I love looking like a gypsy most of the time and I felt inspired when I bought this little coin purse necklace from Forever 21.  I know this sounds weird.. but about 3 years ago, I swear Phillip Lim had his girls in his look book wearing these tribal coin purse necklaces!  I was obseeeesssseeddddd and tried to get them in my store.  Completely failed, and never saw such a thing again.  Fast forward to a week ago (that makes sense, right?) and BAM, purse necklace.. in my face.  So I grab it.. tear it apart and wrap it around my ankle. Normal. 

Anyways.. I've been google searching all day to find that initial inspiration piece by Phillip Lim and for some reason it doesn't exist.  If any of you out there know what I'm talking about please comment!!  I feel like a crazy person.

Forever 21 Coin Purse Necklace

Sock Bracelet


Chanel Ankle Purse

I wanted one of these bad boys since that trunk show entered my store a few years ago.

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