Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's Hear It For What Started It All!

2 months and 67 posts later... I thank you Style Diaries

One day.. my Public Relations manager gave me a book to borrow called The Sartorialist (you may have heard of him, ha) and I was obsessed!  So I rushed right over to Barnes and Noble on my break to purchase the book, and to my dismay, they were sold out!  As I was scanning the book shelves over and over and over again (because of course I didn't believe the computer that said there weren't any) there was a book, the same size as The Sartorialist, that caught my eye.  Style Diaries. It had red binding and a girl dressed in a "walk of shame chic" outfit on its cover. And yes, I quickly fell in love with a book solely by its cover! Typical me move.  So I purchased my new found bed time story and off I went! 

I read this book cover to cover (first time I've accomplished that in years)... ya I get it... it's more pictures than words, but it was my perfect kind of book!  You learn so much about these interesting boys and girls and their blogs and their style and their personalities!   It really inspired me.  I knew that I had always wanted to start my own blog I was just too intimidated! This book, along with a friend of mine who was starting his own blog.. made me feel that I had a voice that people wanted to hear, and finally gave me the courage to start my very own!

So a big thanks to April, Style Diaries and AT for the inspiration.

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