Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Boston Opera House

Today, as an early Mother's Day gift, my mom and I attended The Boston Ballet's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  This is my aaaall time favorite story.  It has faeries, princesses and a jack ass!  But seriously.. the costumes were absolutely breath taking.  As soon as I heard the flutes and violins sound from the orchestra pit.. the pit of my stomach dropped and my heart started to pound.  The performance started........ and it was super magical.

Dressing for the ballet was super easy!  I had it all planned out in my head.  I decided to go with a whimsical color story that had a vintage look (since the story took place long ago, I felt it necessary).  I also had to include a floral pattern since most of the story takes place is a magical forest.. duh.  As you can see I enjoy dressing in theme/character.  Seriously.. there's nothing worse than going somewhere and feeling out of character.... ok there are a few things that could be worse.. but whatever.

I felt like I accomplished my "Ballerina Faerie Princess" look without looking like an overgrown 12 year old. 

 When I wear pearls I tend to mix old world with new world.  Here I have my multi-strand pear and chain neck from Stella & Dot, my daisy Chanel look-a-like pearls mixed with my authentic vintage pearl strand that my awesome boyfriend got me.  More fun.. less waspy.

 Mother/daughter seats for two!

Every time I go to the Ballet or see a show I need a little keepsake to remember it by... This performance in particular called for a serious piece.. and these stole my heart.

Swarovski Crystal Stage Earrings.... which translates to extra sparkly and vintage looking! 


  1. "every time I buy my mom ballet tickets I also buy beautiful jewels for myself..." of course you do.

  2. you are such a b...... i miss you so much! hahahahaa


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