Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recycled Fashion

So last month I was digging through my drawers at my mom's house and I found my little crocheted cream gloves that I wore for Easter one year when I was a child.  Now I really did think about saving them... so maybe I could pass them down to my daughter one day, but then I realized that that would be hoping I would have a baby girl one day.. and, if you know me, all I want are little momma's boys.  A girl would just be wishing bad karma on myself.  I can see it now... this little bundle of faery wings and tulle demanding dolls and clothes and attention and then after I give it all to her (+ my heart and soul) she'll look at me and say "I feel like you don't love me mommy"... like I use to do to my poor mother.  Oof. I love you mom! And I'm sorry for torturing you!

Anyways! That's when I took a pair of scissors to them! 


I call this:
"The Bad Ass Southern Belle"

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