Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Artist Love: Mallory Sophronia

When I don't know what to wear but I'm feeling creative and a little bohemian, I pull this piece from my closet.  My close friend and muse Mallory Sophronia, of Sophronia Design, designed this silk top and I was lucky enough to scoop it up one summer!  As soon as I saw how it hung on a hanger I knew I had to throw it on... It just takes such an amazing shape on the body.
Check her out:

The draping is absolutely beautiful and the colors are stunning.
She uses vintage fabrics that she finds at vintage/antique stores and each piece is one of a kind.  

 It gives your booty a nice spotlight too!

Today I styled it back to my Elizabeth & James  silk cape jacket.
Equally as blousey and drapey but it totally works!

Batgirl? Probably.  Thank God I already have a boyfriend.

Amazing detail in the jacket. I can't decide if I look like Rambo or one of the Lost Boys from Hook.  Either way I'm into it.


  1. from HOOK starring robin williams! caahhhmmm onnnn T!!
    --Danielle Dollaannnnnnn!!!!


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