Friday, April 15, 2011

The Suspen(ders) Are Killing Me!

Suspenders... Menswear or a look for the ladies? The suspense is killing me! (teehehe)

A friend/big sister of mine has a friend that had a suspender question.. 
and I hope this answers her question:

Usually when you think of suspenders you think of a W.B. Mason look-a-like with a curled up mustache.... that, or a hipster.  But there are actually many different suspender looks that are femme friendly.. whether up on your shoulders or dropped down by your side with a blazer, suspenders are the unexpected accessory that, if worn correctly, look adorable!

Classic Hipster

 Pin-up Inspired

Sailor Meets Ballerina

Let your spenders hang low!

**My suspenders are from the mens department of Urban Outfitters... Cream, navy and red.

These suspenders are the raddest... Me and Bro-ski.

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