Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birdcages, Lanterns and Floral Give Me Butterflies

I love creating little wonderlands within my living space and dining areas..

Birdcages, lanterns and floral (and candles) always make me feel at home.
Whenever I need to feel relaxed I have to have all of those elements around me.

 M and I love eating dinner outside in the summer time. Every time we do, he helps me build my wonderland while we waited for the food to be ready.
We transform our little cinder block city backyard into a little heaven.

I hope one day my backyard is a permanent fairytale complete with twinkle lights and lanterns hanging from trees.. with a chaise lounge and an old antique table to eat dinner when it's warm out.


My candle cage... I don't know what else you would house in it.

The flowers M brought me on our first date.
(As you can see, this is when I was a photo rookie.. i.e. the Poland Springs water bottle and my hair straightener in the frame)

The Labor Day Lobster Bake 

My birthday week.. testing out the new camera.

My 25th birthday party.. first time using the camera... clearly didn't grasp the concept of focusing yet.

 I think this was the interior table display that I created for my birthday..

Alto Cinco in Syracuse, NY.

Now this is what I have in mind for my own backyard one day...

Patricia Urquiola

I would make this thing whether proof and I would sit it under a big tree with Spanish Moss.
(In this fantasy every bird knows not to do its business on this chaise lounge)

This set is beautiful.. by Patricia Urquiola

I love these images that I found on The Someday Blog.

I love the shabby chic picnic tables.. with the lanterns of course.

These Egyptian Ceramic Lanterns are beautiful.

... and everything would come together in an environment like this one.

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  1. Lovin' those birdcages! And the twinkling fairy lights,...oh and peony roses,....bliss! xx


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