Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Fashion Forward Man's Man Purse

So I received an email from a long lost friend.. and it read 
(I will keep her significant other's name out of the picture so he won't be exposed):
"Despite not being one, I have found myself frequently asking this Man Question lately:

What does a stylish man who wears a suit/business attire to work use as a carry-all for his gym clothes/possibly a lap top/whatever else men carry to work?

This is not a hypothetical question.  My boyfriend has this leather bag with a canvas strap (all black, terrible hardware) that his mom bought him long long ago.... And it's gotta go. It's a birth-control bag, not working for anyone.  Replacement's gotta be leather, maybe leather/canvas again, but this time not cheesy looking.. Because the one he has is way too small...  Seriously.  He is always joking that it is his "purse."  Which is both funny, and indicates that this messenger bag is sending the wrong message.  I'm not talking ridiculously expensive (maybe $300-500 range? is that do-able?), but something nice.


Well my little Aryan friend!  Let's find something for your man!

Canvas.. even though it sounds like your bf's is gross, isn't always bad! 

Tumi bags (which are mostly canvas) are great!
They have some nice colors.. nothing too showy.
Tumi Luggage

This Duluth backpack is super cute... sorry guys... "wicked sick".. is that better?
I love the design... very sleek and simple and easy to carry!
White may not be the smartest choice but this backpack is definitely a smart look.
Duluth Canvas Flatpack

These Bodhi bags have a "vintage army" look to them..
A little rugged, but still office appropriate..
Bodhi Bags

Marc Jacobs is always a great go-to for both leather and non-leather bags... and they're evenly priced.
His designs are perfect for the "fashion forward man's man" (if that even exists)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Simple Robbie G Leather Messenger

Marc by Marc Jacobs Simple Leather Duffle

These were just a few suggestions!

Click the links under each image to find where to purchase these suckers!!

Places to search online:
Brooks Brothers
Calvin Klein
Marc Jacobs
Neiman Marcus

Hopefully that helped!! 

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  1. I'm sure your friend appreciated that post a whole lot. I'm sure she really especially appreciated the Marc Jacobs bag and will probably buy it for her boyfriend. I'm just sure of it.


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