Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yipes Stripes!

Last night was amazing. 
CSS and Sleigh Bells.. both bands came complete with kick ass rocker chicks that love to scream and jump around.. 

Sleigh Bells

My friend Alex is toooootally the lead singer of this band..
She was all about the dancing and the Shakira back bends.

She loved herself some hot pants and splits too! 
It was an amazing performance. 

So, CSS got me thinkin'...
If my friends and I were to actually start our all girl band that we always talk about..  I'd totally be the keytarist... and I would also switch off to the maracas.
That's not my final decision just yet.. because my heart still belongs to the bass, but you know..
I was just thinkin'..

Color block me crazy!
Ok ok.... I know... it's very unlike me to repeat an outfit, BUT that's what happens when you're out till late and you don't have an outfit planned for the morning... and you're super tired.. AND you have to pack a bag for your moms! 

... and I wanted you guys to see the full ensemb!  Photo Booth pics didn't really do it any justice last night!
Awkard Flamingo Pose?

I'm aware that I'm wearing building blocks around my neck.
I don't hate it.

I love the pattern on pattern here.

These two pics... I can't decide if I look constipated or like an awkward anorexic rocker.
Either way I liked it... is that weird?

I had to take a pic on an over sized building block! 
It only seemed natural!

Bye guys!!

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