Friday, May 20, 2011

Fresh Lilacs + Vintage Vanity = Love

When I first moved into my apartment in South Boston my parents bought me my first piece of antique furniture.  I found this oooold beat up vanity in a local antique store.  I hated the color of the wood and it didn't really look that pretty... but my amazing brother took it and sprayed it black.. I bought all these different knobs from Anthropologie and WAH-LAH!  Isn't she pretty?

As you can see, over the past two years, I've found a lot of crap to showcase on said vanity.

Not to mention my beautiful fresh cut lilacs from
M's Grandmother's house.
My room smells soooo lovely.

 I put them in the vase that he had once filled with peonies for our first date.  I will forever 
remember him standing in my doorway with them.

Don't they look at home on my vanity?

See you guys on Monday!!
Miss you already.

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