Monday, May 23, 2011

A Weekend of Whimsy

Hey dolls!!
Wow.. there was a lot of good times going on over the weekend!

My good friend Mackenzie came to visit..
The first thing she asked was.... "Is this Walpole?"
I know! Boston does resemble the country side compared to NYC but no.
(She's going to kill me)

Isn't she pretty?

As soon as I scooped her up from South Station we went and grabbed lunch at Cranberry Cafe.. and off we went to the museums!
(via public trans... and if you know me at all you know that is a huuuge accomplishment)

First we went to the Boston Athenaeum to view
Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey.
As I was I was trying to navigate with my iPhone.. Kenz suggested maybe putting the phone away and enjoy figuring out the city without a GPS..

Who knew? She was right!
We found the beautiful building in no time at all.
.. you learn something new (that's common sense) everyday right?

We felt like we were in Harry Potter... building #10 1/2.

After walking around for a little bit we were on our way to the MFA for the Chihuly exhibit!

Absolutely jaw dropping.

I remember years ago.. I went on vacation and had the wonderful experience of staying at the Atlantis Hotel.  While exploring the building I fell in love with the blown glass chandeliers.
I just remember being so young and not being able to take my eyes off these beautiful pieces of art..
and over decade later I realize it was Chihuly!

If you are in the area you should definitely check it out.
I've seen his work many other places but nothing like this...

I must say I missed blogging a little this weekend.
If you missed me you should keep in mind that I am always updating The Doll House..
Even on the weekends!


  1. At the risk of sounding like what my significant other would consider the lyrics to a horribly emo song.... these pictures make me want to swim in glass. They seriously look like a lucid dream, underwater adventure. Can't wait for our own upcoming adventure this weekend!

  2. I love this!!! Gorgeous pictures of the museum!! What a fun weekend :) Consider me officially obsessed with Chihuly and you my wee tour guide!


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