Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hoedown on Hump Day!

Hoedown? Totally.

So I decided that the girls need a little female fashion treat... and since it's hump day.. 
why not throw a little girl's fashion moment into the boy's fashion week.

I love this dress... I found it at a second hand store called Rescue on Newbury.
Betsey Johnson, $15! Woo! 

I love throwing on a bunch necklaces and then covering it up with a hanky.
This hanky is my little Twenty8Twelve scarf.. and I love it.. because it has a donkey one 
side and SM on the other... makes me smile.

Of course after accessorizing my neck I decided to throw more feathers 
that resemble roadkill, into my hair. I don't hate it.

Weeeeee..... Ok bye.


  1. Ok speaking of "rescue"... i found a new, fun tv treat last night while i was suffering a bout of insomnia. have you seen Dresscue Me yet?

  2. ha! no i have not! ummm it sounds like i would totally get easily sucked in...


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