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Paperdoll Styling 101: FAMQ III



Yes my little cherubs. They do.

Spring/Summer   VS    Fall/Winter

There's an easy rule here.  Heavy goes with heavy and light goes with light. The end.

Ok ok I'll elaborate.

Wool or a wool blend (meaning there is something else in the fabric besides wool) should be worn with wool or a heavier material.

Now it gets tricky.. because most blazers are a wool base, but there is a huge difference between a light wool and a heavy wool... Heavy wool is strictly a fall/winter fabric (this goes for ties too) and should be worn back to wool or dark denim.  YOUR WOOL BLAZER SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED WITH YOUR WOOL SUIT JACKET... EVER. Now a light weight wool (which is lighter and thin to the touch and usually has cotton blended with it) can be worn with a heavier or deep khaki (and denim) and you'll be fine.  But,  if you have to ask if something "goes".. 9 times out of 10 it doesn't.

Cotton, linens and gingham are spring and summer fabrics that can be worn together.. such as a linen cotton blazer with a khaki twill pant or short.

The number one mistake guys make in the Spring season is mixing their summer pieces with their winter gear.  Same goes for girls (this I saw the other night out in Boston, wasn't surprised), a girl was wearing, as my stylist friend Nancy would say, a "taco length" dress, no tights, gladiator sandals and her puffy down coat with fur around the hood.  You are a fool (not to mention a couple other choice words) honey.  Just make sure, if you want to look sharp, that your outfit is weather and season appropriate.

If you're a plaid guy, that's great!  Plaid & check as patterns are seasonless.... the fabric the patterns are on however are not.  Easy rule here.  Flannel for winter.  Gingham for summer. 
(I'm not going to lie.. I don't mind when a flannel is thrown on on a cool summer night as a light jacket around a bonfire.. but other than that keep it for winter)

***Gingham is great.  It looks amazing under a summer suit and can also take on a cool casual look as well.  If you're a smart boy reading this.. you'll invest in some gingham.


Summer Ties

Pocket Square Photo from The Bow Tie Society

 Madras Print (above) & Seersucker Suit (below) by Haspel

Summer Fabrics and Prints
Cotton - Linen - Madras - Gingham - Seersucker - Twill - Featherweight Wool - Fine Gauge Cashmere


Wool and Winter Ties

Who knew Joel McHale was so sharp!
hotty hotty hotty!

Hugo Boss Wool Suit

Winter Fabrics
Flannel - Thicker Gauge Cashmere - Wool - Velvet - Wool Cotton Blend - Tweed - Corduroy 

... and the seasons shall never meet.

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