Monday, May 2, 2011

Paperdoll Styling 101: FAMQ I

This is purely my opinion... if you're a male that appreciates my style and/or opinion then please read on!  As you can see this is typed on a computer... and not etched in stone.

I deem this week "Boys! Boys! Boys! Week"! 
Every day this week I will be giving my "boyfans" (teehehe I think I'm funny) a little lesson in "proper and appropriate dressing".  Meaning... the suit your mother bought you in the early 2000's along with your square toed dress shoes should be burned and then buried.  It's time to grow up.

I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel or talk about "mens trends" or anything like that.

All this is, is a basics style guide  for you guys out there that call me from time to time (my brother being one of the few) and ask "Hey I have a question... Can I wear (insert terrible outfit choice)" in which I think in my head "Yes.. you could wear that.  It is in fact possible to wear that, however you will look like  an outdated mess who's mother doesn't love them"... but I don't.  I simply tell them my opinion on what I would think of them if I saw them at a bar, make fun of them and then tell them what I find to be a simple fix to their outfit... and this is the simplified "what goes with what" outline!

(Frequently Asked Man Questions)


When you are up and about, one button should be buttoned! If you are wearing a two button blazer then button the top button... a three button blazer button the middle one (some disagree and say the top two of a three button blazer should be button.. I agree to disagree).
Oh and four buttons? Should never exhist.

Blazers, sportcoats and suits should AAAALWAYS be tailored to fit your body type.  If you catch yourself or a sales person telling you "wow that actually fits perfectly!" you are being lazy or that sales person is lying to you.  Embrace tailoring.  It seriously makes your clothing that much more valuable to you because it means that all of your clothes are custom fit to you and no one but you.  Honestly.. you could maaaaaaybe find something that fits you pretty perfect.. but it's very rare.  Just know there is always room for alterations... and that's a good thing.

Oh and one last thing on the tailoring topic..
    No one thinks the guy that looks like a puppy swimming in his own skin is the best looking guy in the room.  So take the time and get your shit tailored!!!


***^ No one likes this guy ^***

Tom Brady Esquire Magazine Shoot

^ Everyone likes this guy ^
I mean most straight guys would go gay for him
(that says something)

Moving on..

The sleeve of your jacket should hit your wrist when your arm is relaxed and by your side (this is also a tailoring issue and a preference thing.. but again.. a long sleeve = you looking like a chump).  If you are wearing a button down (woven) underneath, the cuff of the shirt should peak out of the cuff of the jacket, as if to say "hi I'm here.. but I'm not causing a scene".

While wearing a blazer or sport coat.. please tuck your woven (button down) in.  Every guy in Boston  was out of town when that memo was sent out.  I mean were you all raised in a barn? Trick question... because I know some who actually were!


Always throw in a pocket square! A white cotton in the summer is the safe and sexy way to go (with a square fold)!  If you're a little bit of a risk taker then try linen or cashmere with a little hint of color... don't go too crazy though! The silk ones leave rounded and just peaking out... or else you end up looking like a frumpy man in his mid 40's. 

I hope this was helpful to some of you out there... remember, this is only day one! Oh and if you are actually capable of dressing yourself, then please send this out to your friends that aren't.
Please.  Like.. do it for the girls.


  1. You were doing great until the Brady pic..... Now I officially cannot pass along to AD ;)

  2. ugh c'mooooonnnn! this is strictly about style... not professions! he dresses amazingly!


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