Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Paperdoll Styling 101: FAMQ II


(sincerest apologies to those of you who actually are colorblind)

"What goes with what"

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OK....... this is a FAMQ (Frequently Asked Man Question).  What colors are ok to wear with each other?  There is a lot of wiggle room here so I'm just going to be pretty general.

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Brown shoes should be your best friend.. they are actually a lot more versatile than black

Suits & Pants : Accessories

Black Suit : To make your life easier (because again there are ways to wear black with brown but I know you'll just screw it up) just stick with black shoes and a black belt please! 

Navy Suit : You can wear brown accessories.. brown goes great with navy!  You can wear black shoes too... that doesn't bother me either. 

Khaki Suit : Brown accessories are the safest way to go!

Grey/Charcoal Suit : I always like putting brown with grey (as seen above) but again... black can definitely go back to grey too!

Jackets : Pants/Shorts

Black Jacket : Grey pants and black pants.

Navy Jacket : Khaki pants, navy pants and grey pants, fitted jeans.

Khaki Jacket : Khaki pants, navy pants, fitted jeans (maybe throw in a cuff... even though I know you won't)

Grey/Charcoal Jacke : Black pants, grey pants, navy pants, and fitted jeans (notice I keep saying fitted jeans... anything that is even remotely baggy or "relaxed"... you instantly look like a virgin who can't drive)

Seersucker or Madras Jacket : Ya... I went there.  You can wear a these summer jackets with any array of colored twill pants, khaki pants and shorts of any color.... and dare I say it.. even fatigues.  I actually like fatigue print shorts... worn in the right way you look bad ass.

I love this look by Theory. 
A khaki summer short suit with a dark shoe.  It works and is balanced (balance and composition is key in dressing yourself).. but honestly... if you find yourself taking notes from these posts, don't try this at home.  It's for your own good.

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