Friday, May 6, 2011

Paperdoll Styling 101: FAMQ V



It seems that every guy got the square toed shoe memo in the 90's.. yet every guy that I see missed the latest one that said

It's the classic case.. as a girl, you see guys in their normal casual gear all the time and they look so cute.. and then one day you have to go somewhere that requires proper dress attire and BAM. Out comes these horrible ensembles! The inappropriately casual button down from American Eagle with the bottoms from their one and only suit, and then when you think it can't get any worse, you look down.... and your eyes start to burn.
(Can you tell that this scenario happened to me?)

Boys, listen closely............ like reeeeeallllly close.......... Put on your dress shoes.. and look down...
If the toe of your shoe is so square that it forms right angles, take them off.. walk over to your trash... and throw them the hell out please.  That shit makes me cringe.

Just because your mother bought you a pair of dress shoes to match your first ill fitting suit.. in the 90's or early 2000's, does NOT mean that you should A) still own them and B) sport them around town.  

So.. again, that means anything that look like
either of these...

I know you guys think that sporting a nice loafer with jeans looks great... WELL IT DOESN'T.  No one under the age of 45 should wear those brown guys up there... pick another way to emulate your dad.

These guys are pretty sweet though!

Gucci Leather Moccasin
Magnanni Cap Toe
Magnanni Birmingham, Suede Leather

If you own any "all white" shoes (i.e. Pumas or Adidas Shell Tops) because they were sooo cool when you were in high school.. chances are, they are the same exact pair from high school and it is now 2011 and you should throw them out!

Here are some great sneaker choices.

John Varvatos for Converse
John Varvatos did an amazing line of shoes for Converse.  
He took the classic Chuck Taylors to another level.

Also, if you ever wanted to try the sneaker suit look (which I am a huge fan of) Chucks are the way to go... anything else aaaaand you probably look like a chump. (Niki Dunks and Vans are also acceptable and quite tasty looking.. does that make sense? Trick question.. yes.)

John Varvatos for Converse

Another great casual shoe option are top-siders

And another casual shoe that makes my heart beat faster is the chukka boot..

John Varvatos Suede Hipster Chukka
Prada Blue Suede Chukka
If you're a trendy guy then you could handle these...

So bad ass.

These are hot too...

John Varvatos Washed Convert Boot

Basically anything that John Varvatos puts out there... I support you investing in.  He just has this rugged worn edge to his designs and 9 times out of 10 I love what he does.

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  1. This year Nike revives the runner in its original colorway in vintage style along with the two other silhouettes from the series, the Vengeance and

    Vector. The updated version is the Nike LunarMax Vortex, which features a reworked upper

    in a choice of four colorways seen here.



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