Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Men's watches make me go mmmmm!

So.. for a fashion girl 
I really love myself some old man swag .
(No pun intended)
.. from men's sweaters to cars...
If it looks like an old man would have it, then I want it!

So for this week's Hump Day Man Post 
I wanted to focus on all of the images 
of men's watches that I've collected over the past couple months.

(These are hard to see.. but they really complete these looks...
and they are just really well designed.)

Fun fact about me...
I don't own a watch.

Since about 8 years ago.. before the
whole "men's wear watch craze" started..
I've wanted a men's watch.  

The story goes like this...
I was working for a
company, that shall remain nameless,
and I was ringing a woman out.
On her wristwas this bulky looking watch..
it was such a contrast to her small wrists..
and just made her look that much more cute and feminine. 

I asked her where she got it and she 
said that it was her late husband's.. and she wears
it everyday to remind her of him.

I thought that was sweet.

So for 8 years I've waiting to find "my watch"
and wanted it to be a men's watch.
(Not attached to a dead guy necessarily)
So here are a few that I've found.


***I really love this one...***
It's a men's wear look without being overpowering.

I love Omega.
So classic.. especially this one with the silver and gold face
and dark brown leather strap... sigh.

So clean and simple... which looks great
against his tattooed arm.
I love the irony.

And this is what wet dreams are made of.

Men's Rolex.

So ya know... Michael.... If you're reading this..
My favorite is the gold face watch with the cognac croc band.
(second image from the top)
...and my birthday is coming up.


  1. Love the men's style posts you do, Taryn! By the by, have you ever seen

  2. NOW I have! What is that?? It's amazing. I love all of the images :)

  3. And thank you for reading! I'm a little obsessed with men's clothing... I'm glad I'm not the only female that enjoys it!

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