Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just love this photograph.

He's just kind of effortlessly cool.
... and masculine.
(I know I sound so lame.. but I'm being honest)
He's just a... dude.

I love photographing people that just are who they are.
.. meaning there's no artificial coating to 
what they are offering for the photograph.

I, myself, am not good at that.
I have a hard time looking candid or natural in photos.
But this guy?
He's a take it or leave it kind of guy.

What you see is what you get.
.. and I don't hate it.

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  1. okay love the new layout... super cute and clean looking & i love this post ohhh michael what a stud its right out of the nylon. have i mentioned i miss you and that im happy ill be seeing you friday =)


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