Friday, July 22, 2011

The chicest of the shabby!

So I made a big purchase during
the trip that popped my Brimfield cherry this past Sunday! 
(It's something I'll remember forever)

I even haggled to get the price down!
Are you ready for it??


I will be using this sucker as my kitchen table!
It's the perfect size for a small apartment..
It's about a little over 4' x 2.5'
It will be a little taste of the country in the big city.

I love how worn the wood is.
A real shabby chic.

Ok, I get a little camera happy here.
Per usual.

The drawer is my favorite.
Aesthetic and functionality!

My mom is worried that I'm going to get splinters 
if I eat off of it.  Oh Lynda. 

I want to thank Lynda for assisting
me on this photo shoot!

Love you Mom!

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