Thursday, July 21, 2011

Early morning ankle party

If you are an avid blog reader..
not just a blog reader but a fashion blog reader,
then you probably have seen the term "arm party"
being thrown around recently.

Now, not to brag, but my
friends and I have been rockin' arm parties
since circa 2004. 
And they're great! See.. here's proof!

Me and Dobies
A Friendship Arm Party

Lil k.
Upscale Arm Party.

My "Warding Off the Evil Eye Because Everyone Was Out to Get Me?"
... aka Crazy Pants Arm Party.

And one time.. Dobis and I had a full body party.
Actually.. that was all of the time junior year.

All very nice.. but  I think it's about time to throw
an ankle party.  Just sayin'.

I love anklets..
I think they're so pretty and boho looking.
And again.. I'm a gypsy.. so anywhere I can put
chains or beaded jewelry I'm down!

This morning I woke up real early and
had an ankle party photo shoot!

My anklet of my dreams is sitting
in my friend's jewelry box in New York.
(as we speak)
She doesn't know it but as soon as
we live together... I'm stealing them!
But they are beautiful.
They're silver and from India
and they jingle when you walk.
(fist under chin.. looking up... with a shit eating grin on my face)

They were bought off of a pregnant woman's feet.
Isn't that a nice story?
Love you G!

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