Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Oh just me in birthday outfit #1... for birthday dinner #1.
(See how excited I am?)

Yes.. yes.... it is that time of year again.
When I annoy the shit out of everyone around me 



Yes I am one of those idiot-asses (LYNDA PHRASE!) 
that absolutely soaks in the glory of an entire
day that is all about me!
...and yes, I did just say DAY about me..
in the past I've made it my birthday month and week..
but I can finally say I've matured and realized it is
in actuality only one day that I can call my own.

And I will admit...
I'm totally lying. July 1st started my birthday month.
Lynda created this monster!
And my friends and family just encourage it with
50 million birthday dinners and gatherings.

And I love it... I can't help it!
It's just the Cancer in me loving to be loved.

And I know.. you guys are probably
reading this scratching your head saying to yourself,
"What should I get Tyrone for her birthday??"..
You probably lost sleep over it, I KNOW.

That's why I'm going to make it easy for you...
You can just follow The Life of a Paperdoll with bloglovin'!!
Best gift EVER!

If you're already following me...
Well, there's this Etro dress I really want..
You could pool your money....... no?

And what did Michael do for the big day you may ask?
I don't know... let's hope something so I don't have
to rip into him with words and tears...
.. and fingernails.


I hate saying it..
but I am officially on the wrong side of 25.

Love you guys!

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