Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stating the obvious.

First and foremost.. How sweet is this?

Hard Graft Heritage Card Case
I love smart design.

OK moving on!

What NOT to wear: Mens

I really meant to touch on this a few weeks
back when it was Mens Fashion Week..
But it's better late than never.

What men should NOT (never, ever, not in a million years)
wear? A feminine cinched suit.

I mean really.... are we serious here?
I feel uncomfortable just looking at it... it makes me want
to cry/throw up/punch a baby... ok ok you know I would never
punch a baby... God guys.. what kind of monster do you think I am.

But seriously. Vom central.

Oh also! Guys? If you didn't know this already....
Don't wear ponchos made fat women.

Thank you Z Zegna... for completely erasing my sex drive.

Ok don't worry... 
I'll leave you boys with something nice.

Gant by Michael Bastian SS 2011

The second look makes me feel funny in my bloomers.

And all of these pieces should be on sale 
at this point, which is even better!

Photo source for runway and ad shots:

love, love, love.

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