Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hump Day Man Post: Suiting on a budget II

Michael's Look of the Century 

Ok here is the itemized list:
  1. suit H&M $89 (full price)
  2. shirt  Club Monaco $47 (sale)
  3. shoes Zara $59 (sale)
  4. belt Nordstrom $32 (sale)
  5. tie Neiman Marcus $38 (sale)
  6. cotton pocket square Club Monaco $19 (full price)
  7. tie clip Club Monaco $29 (full price)
Total Price Soup to Nuts:  $313.00

Not bad...
Especially when the outcome looks like this...

Even though the belt is nondescript..
It really completes the look.

 A perfect break in the pant.

 I threw this one in because of the truck.
And because of the tush.

 I like a little ankle to show when the boys are resting.

At this point he was half annoyed...
.. half getting into it.

So guys.. again.. I am here for you!
I am here for you even more if you throw me a couple
bucks and let me take you shopping!
Think about it. 

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