Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What does a girl love more than diamonds?

True statement... for most.

Have you guys ever bought something,
or received a gift that was just too pretty to open or use?

Most mothers (mine included) do this.
Especially with something functional like candles.
"Noooo I don't want to light it! It's too pretty!"
The non-functional decor of the 80's ruined everyone.

I have always been one to like something even more
after I've used it.... experienced it.. and really made it my own.
However I did find one thing that is toootally functional but
just waaay too pretty to mess up!

Chanel lipstick.
Look how pretty..

Thanks to a great friend who knows me
a little too well, I have my very own!
And in one of my favorite shades for fall..
A nice True Blood red.

She got me a little friend to go with
the lipstick, which is this amazing metallic gold polish!

I just had to photograph it all.
Love. Love. Love.

*all photos were taken by yours truly 

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