Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hump Day Man Post: Suiting on a budget

Boyfans, I know you think that I live in a fantasy world..
But I am well aware that most guys in their 20's can't afford
to actually shop the pieces that I post on this blog. 

I also know that most guys in their 20's 
can't afford, nor do they need, a really nice (I mean really nice) suit.

Since I date a boy who works in the trades 
I deal with this first hand.  He's not going to purchase 
clothing that he'll wear maaaybe three times a year that costs 
over $500.  He's just not.  I've come to grips with this reality.

So I had showed all of you in my FAMQ section Michael's
"let's dress like a grown up" transformation.  Now that we have all 
the basics down, it is time to throw some novelty pieces in the mix.

My best friend from childhood is getting married next week 
and I wanted my best boy looking... well, his best!
I decided he needed another suit. 
He surprisingly agreed to this. 

Of course... there is a week left to find a suit, 
get it tailored, find shoes, a shirt and accessories. 
Can we do it?
We're Handy Manny-ing this shit.

So day one. We go to H&M and we found a suit!
Fits peeeeerfectly. Surprisingly, even I 
agreed that the suit didn't need any tailoring touch ups.
This suit all together was $89. 

It's a medium grey (so it can be worn through the fall) 
and it's pretty light weight.  The pants are super fitted and the 
jacket has an athletic cut.  I suggest any guys out there
who are trim (skinny - athletic build) should try these suits. 

Then we went to Nordstrom to go shoe shopping.
I was so proud.  My Michael listens to me.
He went right up to these beautiful Magnanni brown wingtips.
On sale, $199.  We both fell in love.  We even discussed
splitting the cost between each other.  But Michael
being the financially savvy logical one snapped right out of that
dream world real quick.  

He did find a great dark brown.. nondescript belt.. on sale, $32.

Now yesterday was day 2.
I went shoe shopping for the young lad.
Extremely successful in Zara.
I can't seem to find an image online but I
will describe them best I can!

They are a washed out worn beige/brown wingtip.
The toe has a rounded point and the main body of the shoe
is leather, with a section of the shoe being
 a burlap/canvas material.
On sale, $59.

He loved them.

I think we are in business my friends!
I will keep you updated as I collect more goodies for
Michael's "look of the century!"

The List

  1. suit
  2. shoes 
  3. shirt
  4. tie
  5. cotton pocket square
  6. tie clip
  7. happy socks


  1. I saw a very attractive man on the bus this morning. Nice suit, nice sunglasses, good hair. Then he got off and I saw him walking. Square toed dress shoes. Lost all interest and thought of you !

  2. hahahahhahahahahaha! I'm trying to change that... one man at a time. NO SQUARE TOES!!
    .... unless GQ says so.


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