Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A perfectly white wedding..

This weekend was absolutely beautiful.

My very good friend from
preschool got married on the cliffs of Plymouth
for a July 3rd wedding.

A very white wedding!
So clean and perfect.. She, her family and 
her bridesmaids did an amazing job... 

The programs were handmade fans with ribbons
on the end... so cute.

The beautiful
Mrs. Aimee-Lee Kadehjian.

Every wedding has to have adorable kids that
you can't stop taking pictures of.

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer played that role
real well I must say!

I love this photo... in the distance is
Aimee and Tim taking the photographs that they will
have forever..

And of course... there were fireworks.

An amazing night for an amazing couple.

Oh and PS....
Aimee? Just fast forward through my
testimonial.. I don't think it went as smoothly as I hoped.

 Michael pretended to walk over with me..
then ditched me as soon as I sat down and headed to the men's room..
listened in on my lovely speech and has been making fun of me ever since.

But don't worry!
Lynda felt pretty confident about hers..
She wouldn't stop telling me about it.
"I said.. I said.. Ames! ... because that's what I call her,
Ames!"... ok mom....... calm down.

So needless to say,

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