Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The All American Man

The other day when I was writing my blog post
and this kid walked by me in the mall.

My eyes went directly down to his 
crotch-ile region... 

He was wearing the most amazing belt.

I immediately Googled "Toggle Rope Belt"
and of course... 
It is one of my Mr. Ralph Lauren's creations.

What I love about Mr. Lauren
is how masculine and clean his designs are.
They aren't this look that
only a certain type of guy can pull off.

His whole concept behind his designs
is heavily influenced by old western films and the idea of the 
"rugged man" and "Americana." 

And, we can't forget about
how absolutely smokin' hot he was in his day..
.. and he's not too bad looking now either.
... and he has a blonde bombshell for a wife.
He's pretty much the man.


This belt is an easy way to give your
summer wardrobe a refreshing face lift.. without 
investing too much money.

It is on sale for $39!
(click on the image and you can make your purchase)

Wear it with denim or khakis or madras or fatigues.
It's one of those preppy pieces that has an edge to it.
You can really wear it with anything.
It's just a really cool novelty piece.

And while we're on the topic of Americana..
Here are a few photos from the fourth!

Oh hi Stanley!
A dog... and some dogs.

My two little nuggets!!

... and Michaela Collins... 


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