Monday, August 1, 2011

A fairytale...

... is what I've been living in 
for the past five days.

It was filled with old friends, family and the most amazing 
wedding that I was honored to be part of.

The wedding of Sean and Stephanie O'Keefe.

So my portion of the wedding week started on Wednesday!
And it was filled with these little munchkins!
I cannot put my phone or camera down when I'm around them.
They are abnormally cute. 
The most amazing ring bearers I've ever seen!

The "once upon a time" scenario took place
in Newport, RI.. if you've never experienced Newport
it is filled with... people with money and boats.
mmmmmmm that's nice.

No, but seriously.. 
the views.. the beaches.. the restaurants.. the houses are gorgeous. 
So as you probably guessed, the day of the rehearsal 
dinner was filled with photos! 
Help me! Instagram is seriously taking over my life!

The happy couple! 

And then it was the big day...

The gift from Sean.

The gifts for the bridesmaids..

Details, details, details PEOPLE!

Aaaaaand... I can't handle this face.

The bridesmaids were picked up in a trolley.

I must give credit where credit is due..
My mother took this one.

And then there was Belle Mer.

274 people and an amazing party that ended with fireworks overlooking the water..
I think I can safely say... they will live happily ever after.

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