Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life is sweet... in the belly of the beast.

Last night was an amazing night.
Lil k, B, Noodle and I went to see Deathcab for Cutie.

The last time I saw them was one snowy night
in Utica with one of my best friends.
She remained on speed dial for all of last night.

Deathcab is probably the only band that 
every one of their songs has a specific memory attached to it.  

Nostalgia Nation? Yup!
Especially for me.. a little Cancerian crab that
finds sentiment in everything and anything!

I received the album Transatlanticism as a gift before college
and to this day it gives me butterflies.

Multiple memories attached to that bad boy!

My most fond memory is that of Dobis and I taking
our last journey out in my car, senior year at SU,  to get our
 final portfolios printed.
We had #7 on repeat... tear.

They played every song I wanted to hear and they
ended with Marching Bands of Manhattan
and Transatlanticism...

Nothing short of perfect and indicative of where I am in my life..
Ok I'm done being all mushy and gushy!

What... they give me a lot of emotions!

Thanks Lil k for the best birthday present ever!

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