Thursday, August 11, 2011

Freak Show

And I love it.

The new Prada mannequins 
get me excited in my pants... considering I
play with what I refer to as "mannies" all day long!

Like a creepy fantasy nightmare? 
I love them! I want one for my room!
Actually no I don't... can you picture turning on 
your bedroom light one night and just having 
one of those chicks in the corner staring at you.

No thanks. 
But they do showcase the product so very nicely!

I think I love them so much because
they really encompass all of the hair colors I've had
over the past 3 years... plus the red lips...
Ok so they look like what I strive to look like everyday of my life.
My obsession with them all makes sense now.

Photo source: (photo 1) (photos 2-4) (photo 5)

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  1. Oh i do love Prada - trust them to do it well - even the 'mannies'! x


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