Friday, August 5, 2011

It's called "nesting"

So, you know when mothers and fathers-to-be
 start decorating and situating their future baby's 
room?  Well that is referred to as "nesting."
(Thank you Juno for that piece of information)
They are essentially creating a world for their baby.

Well I do the same thing with my life in relation to fashion and events.

As you know I love creating scenarios in my head 
about places I would go and things I would do and what the  
ambiance would be like and most importantly 
what I would be wearing.  
Now usually these scenarios get started when 
I find an article of clothing that I would like to purchase.

The question is never "is this practical" but rather what 
storyline can I create within 
30 seconds to make me want to buy this piece.

That is my version of nesting.
This is also a huge problem that I have.

So yes..
In theory I am about to "birth" a memorable event
with every purchased piece of apparel.  
I buy something with the intentions of wearing 
to an extremely specific outing and/or everyday event.
Doesn't matter if this event actually exists or not.

That piece then lives in my
closet until I can successfully live out my picture perfect 
affair that I created in my head. 
And then when it happens.. I document the shit out of it.
This whole theory makes sense in my head..
.. sorry if it's not translating.

Halston Heritage Metallic Lame-Knit Top

When I found this pretty little lady the other day
I think my eyes grew about 1/2" in diameter. 

I would wear her to a party during Fashion Week.

Very demure... with a deep wine lip, 
my gold/bordeaux Chanel cocktail ring, my gold polish,
a black pair of pleated tapered pants and my 
rouge YSL pumps.  My hair half up half down loosely pulled back.
The End.

Isn't she pretty?
I have issues.


  1. I so have the same issues!! Thanks so much for finding me and yes instant follow x

  2. yay! thank you! i was just showing off your blog to my coworkers <3


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