Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Fashion Interview

It's hard to decide what is and what isn't appropriate 
for a fashion interview.  Do I wear my 6" YSL python stilettos?
I mean... I say yes! It is all about balance and taste. 
If you wear the stilettos then make sure you pair them back
to a tastefully conservative outfit. 

With that being said, I also think that it is always safe
to go with a shorter heel that has a lot of detail and interest.

A fashion interview outfit should include a piece that is special,
and looks like a piece of wearable art.  An "admiration piece" 
if you will... Now don't go all Lady Gaga and wear some outrageous
head piece and look like a fool! You just need to hint at what
great taste you have and that you are some what of 
a risk taker when it comes to fashion! 

Here is what I came up with!

Chie Mihara

Perfect variety of art, edge and couture.



Except, take away the constipated look.
That's not attractive. What!? It was too early for a genuine smile!

The most important thing is to not look like a tranny
and to show your personality through subtle details.
If you have a dress that comes with a belt, like I did,
swap out the belt, make the outfit yours.  Add some head
turning accessories.  I chose to wear my armadillo ring
because I wanted to show my confidence via fashion.
And just own it!


  1. Awesome outfit! Own those interviews, woman!

  2. Great advice...I love those shoes. I definitely need to go shopping for accessories.


  3. you look super skinny in this. not that you aren't, but this just emphasizes it. just thought i'd let you know. <3

  4. That's what NYC does to you! I forget to eat and then you walk everywhere. Be prepared for Skeletor II. Naaa... maybe.

  5. Perfect! I hope it went well! I'm sure you were amazing.... you certainly looked it!


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