Monday, September 12, 2011

NYFW on this lovely Monday.

So this week brings exciting things!
Fashion Week!
Elie Tahari show coverage thanks to lil k!
And a new couch.

Anyways, this city should be inspiring me at this point
so today I decided to walk outside with my camera
to find said inspiration... and I found just that.

This girl was adorable. Found her right outside my door!
Kristen, Starbucks UES 09.12.11

Park Bench, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Neutral Dresses, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Green Dress Awesome Hair, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

I loved this girl's style.
I love myself some stripes and I just think she looks
effortlessly chic.... not to mention her platforms were pretty sick.
Krystal Bick Fashion and Style Specialist,  Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Color Blocking, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Kick-ass Animal Print Shoes, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Chic Photographer, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Nao, Lincoln Center 09.12.11
 Her shoes are outrageous.
Which is why I pounced on her for a photo.
Nao Flat Form Wing Tips, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Black Dress, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Red Ruffle, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Coral Pleats, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Floral, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Texture, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Translucent, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

I love how casual this girl was..
and still made everyone's head turn.
Stripes & Converse, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

I love this duo.
It's a girl meets boy story through women's fashion.
Girl meets Boy, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

Ligia, Lincoln Center 09.12.11
Last, but certainly not least.....
Olivia Palermo, Lincoln Center 09.12.11

It's funny.  You could definitely tell who was
from LA and who was an East Coast/New Yorker.

The LA girls have a great talent of making a statement
with a few select stunning pieces or through a color.
Not too many bells and whistles.

The classic East Coast look is the more shit the merrier.
Which I am a huge fan of. There are bells, whistles, trombones...
The more texture, colors, accessories... the better!
As long as it is done in a well balanced,
aesthetically pleasing way.
That goes without saying.

All in all everyone was just having fun with fashion and
showing their personality through their clothing.
And that's what fashion should be about.
Not the label... but the personal statement.

My favorite moments came from the men of FW.
I know... there's no surprise there...
But I will be saving those shots for my Wednesday Man Post.

Happy Fashion Week Everyone!
Be outrageous and stay sane! 


  1. I love this post! It makes me long for paychecks. Big ones. Big checks = big closet = big smile.

  2. Taryn... i admire your knack for taking pictures of total strangers. At least they're not children this time...ahem...

  3. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

  4. Love this post - thanks so much x


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