Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Broski!!!

The sweetest thing.

Happy Birthday to the best older brother!
Love you Marc!

My older brother.
Every night at dinner he would inevitably 
irritate me, quietly of course so my mother wouldn't hear,
which would result in a loud obnoxious outburst 
from me sounding something like this, 

Then my mom would of course scold me 
for screaming, and what would my loving brother do?
He would hide behind my mother as she was yelling
at me, point at me and say over and over and over again..

"you! you! you! you!"

Then of course I would have a mini temper
tantrum which would result in me knocking over
my milk, which would then make my brother
laugh hysterically and applaud. 

This was every night at the Antoniou household
 from the years of 1989-1998.

Besides that... he's a pretty kick ass older B!

happy 32nd birthday 


you! you! you! you! you! you!

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  1. This is so sweet! ....I wish I had the same sentiments about my own brothers birthday in 2 days. Haha


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