Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My World

Welcome to my world!

My room reflects my 
personality just as much as my clothing does.

I like things that are pretty, 
I like things that are dark and 
my wardrobe is my art collection.

My closet is exposed and my jewelry is draped all over my walls.
I've always loved creating stimulating environments that 
make your eye move all around the room.
Which is why I went to school to study interior design.

Designing spaces is the same as 
painting a picture or styling a look.

It is all about balance, texture
and finding the perfect composition that
makes your heart race.

I still plan on doing some sort of three dimensional wall
installation on the empty side of my room.
It's the view from my bed so I think that it's a pretty important area.

Oh and my "bed spread" is a drug rug/tablecloth. 

Totally fine.

I am also attempting to develop a green thumb.
I purchased some plants that were "impossible to kill."
I've learned that nothing is impossible.  

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  1. LOVE the tape sculptures in there chickie! The space is looking great :) xo


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