Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love in the District

I love you best friend.
I love you fur neck piece.

Ok.. so this past weekend I went to Washington DC for a 

So Friday was filled with wine, hugs, emo music and dresses!
Also, I left my phone at Erica's (best idea eveeerrrrr) 
so there were no embarrassing text messages to add to that 
list! (phew) ... I figure since Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
and my blog are all at my finger tips... the whole "drunk dial"
thing is just getting a little too risky! 

I'm just waiting for a morning where I wake up and look 
through my phone to see my inner most inappropriate 
thoughts, hopes and emotions are splattered all over twitter.

Ohhh emotions.

Anyways!! So the photo above is how the night started.
(hugs, best friend things, appropriate behavior) 
The photo below is how it ended.

So THIS is the point in the night,
and when I say the night I mean every night that
starts with killing a bottle of wine at 4:00pm,
when Taryn needs to let everyone know she has 
a middle finger.  Yes, apparently I find it so cool..
like a 13 year old boy.. that I can life just my center finger
without lifting any of my other ones! 
I'm just so talented! And classy.
Erica is so embarrassed.


So Saturday rolls around.. aka LIMO NIIIIIGHT!!!

The night starts like this.

RIP Tina

Now when your night starts with a blow up monkey
and a pinata named Tina you know it is going to be a good one.
So we named the monkey Stavros and he was our mascot for the night.
Now Tina! Tina was sacrificed in the name of fun before the night
began. And boy did that work!! Best night everrrr!

Now I am with a different group of best friends (Dobis and G).
The night starts out with a conversation that went something like this...

Dobis: I'm going to be a great mom some day... 
Me: Ya?
Dobis: Look at the way I'm taking care of this monkey (as she has Stavros propped up on her lap draped in Tina's innards... aka Mardi Gras beads)
Me: Do you want to start a blog?
Dobis: Because we're awesome and so much fun?
Me: Yes.
Dobis: And we can make everyone jealous of our fun?
Me: Yes.
Dobis: Gilo you in?
Gilo: (silence)

So the night went on... the limo took us all 
over the city to monuments and bars and it looked 
like this for a while....

So educational.

And then the night continued on to look like this.

And my favorite...

Limo Night was the BEST.
Tina was beaten to death.
Dobis coddled a monkey.
Gilo had a back-bend competition in a bar..
and I didn't pay for a single drink the whole night!
You know what that means???

I still got it.
That... and I let a dude in a Captain's hat grope my arm pit.
Doesn't matter! It's all in the name of fun.
And alcohol.

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